Dimension Graphique: Genders

Gender Experiment v5.1
Gender Experiment v5.2

Some late-stage gender experiments for individuals, at the beginning of “cis female” tagging and in the early stages of schema development.

The identity dimension needs more work, and should be revisited now that the tagging and schema are better-defined. Given the complications elsewhere, the current visualization passes default to unicode glyphs, but rotated as follows:

unicode male gender
unicode male gender
unicode male gender

Trying to represent “trans-male” with the unicode glyphs is frustrating, especially when experimental visual grammars like the first shown exist. Composing trans genders into a coherent visual grammar that can be represented with tags in a schema is quite difficult. The first 8 tries were failures. It has been a difficult struggle through the limitations of the tagging schema, evolving the tags and schema, and trying again.

Areas to explore include using age rings with gender glyphs to indicate the “transition” in trans-male, trans-female and also with nationality. Perhaps the best trans glyph is actually a composite or aggregate or palimpsest of a changes over time?