Media Objects A-Z


MMRL A to Z 2020-2021 is a square paperback book. There are 332 interior pages, each 8.5 by 8.5 inches and printed in color; it is perfect bound with a color matte cover of an ocean scene with geometric shapes layered on top: a black rectangle, a green cross by the ISBN, a pink octagon. Each side of the book, minus the spine, has bright green edge painting in a vertical line slashing through the pages. The location of the green stripe is based on the first letter of the media object, so titles that start with the letter ‘a’ (like Away) have the green line on one side of the margin and a title (like Yellowstone) is on the opposite side of the page.


The book contains a selection of of graphics generated from an ongoing project to tag media objects for bias, reception, and to detail castmember information for seven dimension of identity: age, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and others. (PDF)

Our goal is for MMRL A to Z 2020-2021 to function as a workbook/playbook for media literacy. In the same way that the Bechdel Test offers one way for viewers to evaluate whether or not a piece of media is sexist, this book offers viewers a means to evaluate a wider range of diversity at-a-glance for any given media property. The goal is to provide an intuitive yet rigorous and structured method to read media for diversity, inclusion, bias, and reception. These visual forms are the starting point and foundation for future proactive strategies that discussing identity and managing bias.

For more information on tagging, please consult the schema page. For information on specific media objects, check out the data repository on github.

MMRL A to Z 2020-2021 is distributed by Printed Matter, and can be purchased in store at NYC locations.