Schema is a text representation of a media object, with all the associated castmembers tagged individually for identity dimensions, plus all the media object metadata.

  • name what the media object calls itself: identifier with capitalization and typographic flourish, such as “Westworld” or “#blackAF”. For foreign language media objects, include both the official name in English-speaking contexts (if applicable) and the romanized original language name. Use the following format:
    “[official English name] AKA [original language name].” For example: “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train AKA Gekijō-ban ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ Mugen Ressha-hen”
  • name-key machine generated key to hydrate this persistent representation to an in-memory a60::collection object. Don’t change this.
  • name-key-sub optional machine generated key for subsetting collections to a particular episode or title. Don’t change this.
  • name-key-canonical optional machine generated partition or segment key for subsettedcollections to a particular episode or title. Don’t change this.
  • type media characteristics, such as “film”, “serial”, “software”, “book”
  • id optional numeric identity. If film, nothing, if serial either the season, such as “4” or the season and episode in compressed format, where 301 means SSEE of Season 3 Episode 1, leading zero of season dropped
  • id-imdb the root page of the media object’s entry
  • id-wikipedia the root page of the media object’s entry
  • genre-tags union of alpha 60 genre rubric, imdb genres, wikipedia genres
  • bias-tags Letter codes for indicating White Only Casting (W), Bechdel Test Fail (B), Duvernay Test Fail (D), Women Under 40 Only (Y), etc.
  • plot-tags union of alpha 60 plot tagging rubric, imdb plot keywords
  • plot-geo ostensible geography of media object
  • plot-date ostensible time period, deduced from media object, with multiple time periods separated by comma if be
  • distribution-tags wikipedia distributor, such as “netflix” or “disney+” or “cbs all access”
  • production-tags optional, unknown if useful, put production overflow here
  • production-geo union wikipedia country of origin and imdb production details locations
  • reception-positive indicators of positive accrued fandom, such as “queer classic”
  • reception-negative indicators of negative accrued fandom, such as “hella racist”
  • cast-lead-1..8-ethnicities lead ethnicity, comma separated list
  • cast-lead-1..8-nationalities lead nationality, comma separated list
  • cast-lead-1..8-genders lead gender, comma separated list
  • cast-lead-1..8-sexualities lead sexuality, comma separated list
  • cast-lead-1..8-ages lead age deciles, comma separated list
  • cast-lead-1..8-z lead form: animal, vegetable, mineral, spirit or other, comma separated list
  • cast-lead-1..8-name lead form: name of character or actor
  • notes optional, overflow and space for custom or prototype tagging
  • data-version last time new data fields were added, in compressed ISO date format, where 20200524 means YYYY-MM-DD of 2020-05-24. Don’t change this.