Gender Tags


“Gender” refers to a character or actor’s gender identity.

Every character needs at least one supertag. Tag genders for both the character and the actor.

Tag Values


  • cis woman

  • trans woman

  • woman x

  • cis man

  • trans man

  • man x

  • nonbinary

  • intersex

  • unknown

Secondary tags:

  • transition

  • multi

  • gender nonconforming presentation


“Unknown” supertag applies largely to non-human characters or animation.

“Man x” and “woman x” supertags are used for nonhuman beings, such as AI, who are gendered but for whom cis and trans designations are not applicable.

“Transition” secondary tag refers to cases in which an actor comes out as transgender after or during the media object’s release, e.g. Elliot Page in The Umbrella Academy season 1.

“Multi” secondary tag refers to characters, generally in a scifi or fantasy setting, who shift between genders. “Multi” is not used to describe nonbinary, intersex or transgender characters, nor is it used to describe actors who transition (see “transition” tag).

“Gender nonconforming presentation” secondary tag refers to characters who are cisgender or not explicitly mentioned to be non-cisgender, but who present themselves in ways that do not match the norms of their assumed gender.