Sexuality Tags


“Sexuality” refers to a character or actor’s sexual identity.

Every character needs at least one supertag. Tag genders for both the character and the actor.

Tag Values


  • gay

  • lesbian

  • straight

  • bisexual

  • asexual

  • poly

  • queer

  • pan

  • sexuality x

  • unknown

  • ambiguous

Secondary tags:

  • queer subtext

  • transition


“Sexuality x” is used for (primarily nonhuman) characters in sci-fi and fantasy whose societies have established relationship or family structures that do not easily map out onto contemporary understandings of sexuality.

“Unknown” supertag refers to situations in which there is no specific information in the text about a character’s romantic or sexual relationships or identity.

“Ambiguous” supertag refers to the presence of non-heteronormativity in that character’s presentation that is not specifically named. “Ambiguous” may often be paired with “queer subtext.”

In addition to cases in which characters explicitly self-identify as queer, the “queer” tag can also be used as a catch-all for unspecified but definitive cases of non-heteronormativity. This is in contrast to “ambiguous,” which denotes subtext and coding. For example, Will Reeves from Watchmen can be tagged as “queer” due to his unambiguous romantic and sexual relationship with another male character, given that more specific tags such as “gay” or “bisexual” cannot be confirmed.

“Transition” secondary tag denotes changes in sexual identification based on changes in gender identification, or cases in which an actor comes out as a different sexuality after or during the text’s release.